About Us

Sita Hospital is a mainly Orthopedic based hospital & also multi-specialty hospital in Surat, Gujarat. It is started on 12th October, 2003 by Dr. J. M. Patel (SR. Gynecologist), Dr. A. K. Jogia (SR. Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Jignesh Patel (Orthopedic) & Dr. Amita Patel (Pathologist). It is a 50 beded hospital situated in the prime area in Surat.

Sita Hospital is a well known center for Bone & Joint replacement center for caring and treating all bone related problems. We provide treatment for all the conditions associated with orthopedic hospital services including Joint replacements, fractures, sprains, arthritis, sports injuries, spine care, bone and joint and orthopedic surgery. The hospital offers cutting edge diagnostics methods and advanced technology supported treatment options for your bone related problems. It also provide all gynecological operative services.

Sita Hospital provides the highest quality patient care, nurturing and delivering clinical excellence and research work & does charity to humanity irrespective of caste, race or denominations.

Our staff is committed to provide service with humanity, compassion and love to make patient feel at home.




Continuously enhances clinical quality and patient safety through the adoption of new technologies and service innovations that improve care.